Weeks 27.1-30.1: Four On, Three Off

Running after Babies

Well, this month wasn’t exactly the month I was hoping for, running wise.  I felt like I was getting back into the swing of things when I last tallied my weekly mileage, but then I woke up the day after I wrote that post very, very sick. I thought maybe I could run through it, but my body said no to even really short runs.

Once I was feeling a bit better, I tried a few three mile runs leading into the next week, but some crazy days of house renovation really threw off my running that week as well.

From there, well, I decided I had to be honest with where my conditioning really was at that point.  My training has just felt so inconsistent since August. So, I decided to go back to the early days and slowly build back up my mileage, keeping with four days on, three days off.

This past week was a lot of fun since a good friend from the Bay Area was in town. I’ll call her L. L and I ran together a lot when I lived in the Bay Area, so it was natural for us to make time to run together while she was visiting. Even though I was nervous that I might be doing too many longer runs too soon, running with friends felt great. And, because I was again only running four days, my total mileage at the end of the week was actually right where I wanted it to be.

Note to self: I should really find ways to run with friends more often!

I plan to aim for five days on this coming week and continue from there. Here’s to hoping I can turn this inconsistency into a consistent build up so that I can get back to some real mileage!

  • Monday, November 2: off
    • I woke up so very, very sick today.
  • Tuesday, November 3: 0.5 mile with stroller
  • Wednesday, November 4: 1.0 mile with stroller
  • Thursday, November 5: 2.0 miles on treadmill
  • Friday, November 6: off
  • Saturday, November 7: off
  • Sunday, November 8: 3.0 miles on treadmill
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 6.5 miles
  • Monday, November 9: 3.0 miles on treadmill
  • Tuesday, November 10: off
  • Wednesday, November 11: off
  • Thursday, November 12: 2.5 miles on treadmill
  • Friday, November 13: off
  • Saturday, November 14: 3.0 miles with husband
  • Sunday, November 15: 3.0 miles with stroller
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 11.5 miles
  • Monday, November 16: off
  • Tuesday, November 17: off
  • Wednesday, November 18: 5.0 miles total
    • 4.0 miles with stroller
    • 1.0 mile with stroller
  • Thursday, November 19: 5.0 miles on treadmill
  • Friday, November 20: 5.0 miles on treadmill
  • Saturday, November 21: off
  • Sunday, November 22: 2.0 miles with stroller
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 17.0 miles
  • Monday, November 23: off
  • Tuesday, November 24: off
  • Wednesday, November 25: 6.0 miles total
    • 3.7 miles with stroller and L+L
    • 2.8 miles with L
  • Thursday, November 26: 5.8 miles with L+L
  • Friday, November 27: 4.5 miles with L+L
  • Saturday, November 28: off
  • Sunday, November 29: 4.0 miles with husband
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 20.3 miles

Image Details – Trail: Ravenna Park in Seattle / Stroller: BOB (this year’s model) with BOB Handlebar Console

Weeks 15.1-26.1: Eleven Weeks of Running

Running after Babies - Darling Duckling

Happy (day after) Halloween everyone!  My daughter spent her second Halloween ever as a darling little duck (though she was often mistaken for a chicken). She kind of got the gist of the holiday, but I think next year is when it’ll get really interesting.

I’ve been dreading this post ever since my running picked up again.  As each weekend came and went, I thought, “Well, there’s one more week I’ll need to add once I finally get back to tallying my mileage on my blog.”

As the weeks added up, I started pushing this post off on purpose. It just seemed too daunting to go through so many weeks of running and type up all of the stats. There was a second where I decided I’d just start fresh and forget all about the missing weeks. But, then I came up with a compromise – I’d just tally up the mileage and how I did my running, no times or paces. (Though, if you’re curious, I’d say I’m hitting 8:30-9:30s right now.)

If you have the stamina to read through all eleven weeks of running below, you’ll notice a big gap in my running.  That’s when I was in Glacier National Park with my family, followed by when my parents were visiting and we were doing a lot of home-improvement projects. You might also notice that my stroller game is really weak right now.  But, my treadmill game is solid.  That’s because I’ve figured out I can watch Netflix shows while on the treadmill.  The reward of getting to watch a 45-minute show is enough to get me down into the basement (where our treadmill is) just about every day, no matter the hour. I do want to get back my stroller-running strength though since I think my daughter really enjoys going fast through the trails.  This past week I only pushed the stroller once on a run.  My goal for next week is to get out with the stroller at least three times.

How has your running been lately?

  • Monday, August 10: 4.0 miles on treadmill
  • Tuesday, August 11: 4.0 miles with stroller
  • Wednesday, August 12: 3.7 miles with stroller
  • Thursday, August 13: 3.5 miles on treadmill
  • Friday, August 14: 3.5 miles on treadmill
  • Saturday, August 15: 3.2 miles with stroller
  • Sunday, August 16: 5.7 miles with husband
  • Weekly total mileage: 27.3 miles
  • Monday, August 17: 2.5 miles with stroller
  • Tuesday, August 18: 4.0 miles on treadmill
  • Wednesday, August 19: off
  • Thursday, August 20: 3.6 miles with stroller
  • Friday, August 21: 3.4 miles with stroller
  • Saturday, August 22: 1.7 miles with stroller
  • Sunday, August 23: off
  • Weekly total mileage: 15.2 miles
  • Monday, August 24: off
  • Tuesday, August 25: off
  • Wednesday, August 26: off
  • Thursday, August 27: off
  • Friday, August 28: off
  • Saturday, August 29: off
  • Sunday, August 30: off
  • Weekly total mileage: 0.0 miles
  • Monday, August 31: off
  • Tuesday, September 1: off
  • Wednesday, September 2: 3.2 miles with stroller
  • Thursday, September 3: off
  • Friday, September 4: off
  • Saturday, September 5: off
  • Sunday, September 6: off
  • Weekly total mileage: 3.2 miles
  • Monday, September 7: off
  • Tuesday, September 8: 3.5 miles on treadmill
  • Wednesday, September 9: off
  • Thursday, September 10: 3.0 miles with stroller
  • Friday, September 11: 3.6 miles with stroller
  • Saturday, September 12: 3.0 miles on treadmill
  • Sunday, September 13: off
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 13.1 miles
  • Monday, September 14: 3.5 miles with stroller
  • Tuesday, September 15: 3.3 miles with stroller
  • Wednesday, September 16: off
  • Thursday, September 17: 3.3 miles with stroller
  • Friday, September 18: off
  • Saturday, September 19: off
  • Sunday, September 20: 5.7 miles with stroller
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 15.8 miles
  • Monday, September 21: 1.5 miles with stroller
  • Tuesday, September 22: 2.0 miles on treadmill
  • Wednesday, September 23: 3.8 miles with stroller
  • Thursday, September 24: 2.0 miles on treadmill
  • Friday, September 25: 2.0 miles on treadmill
  • Saturday, September 26: 3.0 miles with stroller
  • Sunday, September 27: 3.5 miles on treadmill
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 17.3 miles
  • Monday, September 28: 2.0 miles on treadmill
  • Tuesday, September 29: off
  • Wednesday, September 30: 4.0 miles on treadmill
  • Thursday, October 1: 4.0 miles on treadmill
  • Friday, October 2: off
  • Saturday, October 3: off
  • Sunday, October 4: off
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 10.0 miles
  • Monday, October 5: 3.2 miles with stroller
  • Tuesday, October 6: 3.2 miles with stroller
  • Wednesday, October 7: 3.5 miles on treadmill
  • Thursday, October 8: 5.5 miles on treadmill
  • Friday, October 9: 3.5 miles on treadmill
  • Saturday, October 10: 2.6 miles with stroller
  • Sunday, October 11: 4.5 miles on treadmill
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 26.0 miles
  • Monday, October 12: 4.0 miles on treadmill
  • Tuesday, October 13: 5.5 miles on treadmill
  • Wednesday, October 14: 1.8 miles with stroller
  • Thursday, October 15: 5.0 miles on treadmill
  • Friday, October 16: 4.5 miles on treadmill
  • Saturday, October 17: 2.8 miles with stroller
  • Sunday, October 18: 3.0 miles on treadmill
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 26.6 miles
  • Monday, October 19: off
  • Tuesday, October 20: 3.0 miles on treadmill
  • Wednesday, October 21: 2.5 miles on treadmill
  • Thursday, October 22: 3.7 miles with stroller
  • Friday, October 23: 5.0 miles on treadmill
  • Saturday, October 24: 4.5 miles on treadmill
  • Sunday, October 25: 2.5 miles on treadmill
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 21.2 miles
  • Monday, October 26: 3.0 miles on treadmill
  • Tuesday, October 27: 3.0 miles with stroller
  • Wednesday, October 28: 5.0 miles on treadmill
  • Thursday, October 29: 2.2 miles on treadmill
  • Friday, October 30: 5.0 miles on treadmill
  • Saturday, October 31: 3.0 miles with husband
  • Sunday, November 1: 5.0 miles on treadmill
  • ↳ Weekly total mileage: 26.2 miles

Getting Back on Track

Running after Babies

Hello friends! It’s been awhile. Right after my last post, we packed up our little family of three and headed east to Glacier National Park to join my parents and my brother and his family in a little over a week of outdoor fun. I loved getting away and into the wild, but it’s true what they say: any travel with multiple little kids (my brother has two darling little girls) should really be called a trip and not a vacation. My parents then came back to Seattle with us, and my dad decided we were going to tackle the plumbing projects that were holding up our kitchen remodel. My mom took care of my daughter while my dad and I sweated copper pipes. Every day. For over a week. It was fun but intense! The back to back adventures meant that for nearly a month it was hard to make running a priority. Especially when we were in grizzly country.

My running has been patchy at best. I’d get in a few days of running, but then something would come up.  This weekend, for example, we were without water as we switched our house over to the new plumbing.  It’s hard to break for a run when there’s a deadline like getting the plumbing working again before Monday morning rolls around. Every week I thought about posting my mostly nonexistent weekly mileage here anyway, but then I never even seemed to be able to make time for that!

Today marks the start of a new week, and I’m finally feeling ready to try this whole running-every-day thing again. I went out for a 3 mile stroller run this morning in the trails near our house, and I plan to continue to make time to run every day this week.

Here’s to finally getting back on track.

Image Details – Trail: Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle (taken before my recent hiatus)

Do you read running magazines?

Running after Babies

If you’re reading this blog, then I’m assuming that you’re a blog reader. More specifically, a running blog reader. I’m curious though – with all the information you can now get for free from the internet, do you still pay for things like running magazines? Are you also a magazine reader?

I ask because I’ve been trying to figure out if I’m a magazine reader myself.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure that I would have told you that I’m not.

But, we do get a few in the mail regularly, including the Trail Runner magazine. Trail Runner is the only one of the magazines we get that I read pretty much cover to cover every month.  I tend to find most of its articles interesting, even if many are not really relevant to my life right now.

This year’s September issue, however, was focused heavily on women and even included a feature on moms who run, so almost all of the articles were not only interesting but also relevant to me. I think I’ve read through the entire magazine three or four times since it arrived in the mail!

It’s made me wonder – maybe I am also a magazine reader?

I won’t go into too many of the specifics about the articles since I never know how much of someone else’s material one can and can’t put on the internet. But, I’ll leave you with the five “Staying Super-Mom Strong” tips from Heidi Hill’s “Fast, Female and Raising a Family” article:

  1. Practice more patience
  2. Isolate illness opportunities
  3. Reel in your race line-up
  4. Show some love for your support crew
  5. Run Mama run

Week 14.1: Seven Days Strong

Running After Babies

My goal going into this week was to run all seven days without taking a rest day.  And…

I did it!

I can’t even believe that a few short months ago I would sometimes go through an entire week without making time to run once. Yet, this week I made the time to run every single day.

What a wonderful shift in my frame of mind!

I didn’t want to increase my mileage too much by adding the extra day, so I ran four days of roughly four miles, two days of roughly three miles, and one longer day of six miles. All total that meant my mileage for the week was 27 miles, which is just over 10% what I ran last week.

  • Monday, August 3: 3.6 miles in 28:58 (8:00 pace) on treadmill
  • Tuesday, August 4: 3.7 miles in 36:29 (9:43 pace) with stroller
    • + 1 min plank
  • Wednesday, August 5: 4.1 miles in 36:13 (8:48 pace) with stroller
  • Thursday, August 6: 2.8 miles in 27:56 (9:57 pace) with stroller
  • Friday, August 7: 4.0 miles in 32:00 (8:00 pace) on treadmill
  • Saturday, August 8: 6.1 miles in 54:19 (8:54 pace) with husband
  • Sunday, August 9: 2.7 miles total
    • 1.4 miles in 11:22 (8:05 pace) with stroller
    • + 2 mile walk with L
    • 1.3 miles in 11:42 (8:41 pace) with stroller
    • + 1 min plank + 8 Min Abs + 8 Min Arms (cans as weights)
  • Weekly total mileage: 27.0 miles

I was also able to keep all of my runs under 10-min pace, though just barely.  I had to sprint the last little bit of my easy run on Thursday to keep from going over! I found that my pace is really impacted by the weather.  On Wednesday it was a bit cooler, which meant I felt great through four sub-9-min miles. However, the warmer days before and after were a slog. I’m hoping that my experience this week means I can aim for even faster pace goals as the weather cools this fall without over taxing my body.

My other goal for the week was to keep my core work more consistent.  I’m still not quite there yet, but this week was a vast improvement over the last few.

Next week I hope will be more of the same. Same number of days, same pace goals, same effort to be more consistent with my core work.  Stick around – it’s sure to be exciting to see more of the same!

How was your week of running? Were you able to meet your running goals?

Image Details – Trail: Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle / Next time I’ll have to get my husband to take a photo of me instead of the other way around!

Week 13.1: Sub-10

Running After Babies

Last week I wrote that my goal was to average 4 miles a day over 6 days of running while trying to keep my pace under 10:00/mile for every run. I’m happy to report that I met my goal, even if I did cut it a bit close with a 9:52 mile in there on Friday.

  • Monday, July 27: 4.2 miles in 35:40 (8:29 pace)
  • Tuesday, July 28: 3.9 miles in 34:58 (8:57 pace) with stroller
    • + 5 mile walk with L
  • Wednesday, July 29: off
  • Thursday, July 30: 3.1 miles in 29:28 (9:24 pace) with stroller
  • Friday, July 31: 2.9 miles total
    • 1.7 miles in 15:07 (8:30 pace) with stroller
    • 1.2 miles in 12:25 (9:52 pace) with stroller
  • Saturday, August 1: 6.0 miles in 56:08 (9:16 pace) with stroller
  • Sunday, August 2: 3.7 miles in 34:00 (9:11 pace) with husband
  • ↳  Weekly total mileage: 23.8 miles

I’ve been running consistently for 13 weeks now. I have to admit that I thought I’d be feeling a bit fitter by now, but I still feel really out of shape! I had to focus to keep my runs sub-10 pace this week. In the past my fitness has really improved with seven-days-a-week training, so I’m debating adding an extra run in to see if that helps. It feels a bit counterintuitive since what I really want to do is drop a run or three and go back to being a lazy bum!  We’ll see if I can even squeeze in seven runs.  Often my day off is so crazy that I can’t fit in a run even if I want to.

I also really want to make my core work more consistent.  For awhile there I was doing great, then I pushed it too much with the 30-day plank challenge, and I haven’t been able to get back into it.  Maybe this next week will be the week!

Any tips out there for how long it takes to start feeling fit again after a long hiatus from running?

Image Details – Trail: Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle / Stroller: BOB (this year’s model) with BOB Handlebar Console and The Mommy Hook

Weeks 11.1-12.1: Two-Week Lull

Running After Babies

Hello strangers! I missed last week’s post, so I have two weeks of mileage for you today. You didn’t miss much though because I seem to still be in the same groove as the last few weeks, despite going into both weeks with the intention of increasing my mileage a little bit. To sum up the past two weeks: life happened, more miles didn’t.

  • Monday, July 13: 4.0 miles in 36:56 (9:14 pace) with stroller for first mile, then on my own after dropping my daughter off with my sister-in-law
  • Tuesday, July 14: 2.7 miles in 28:31 (10:32 pace) with stroller
  • Wednesday, July 15: 3.7 miles in 30:00 (8:00 pace) on treadmill
  • Thursday, July 16: 4.0 miles in 41:54 (10:25 pace) with stroller
  • Friday, July 17: off
  • Saturday, July 18: 6.1 miles in 58:39 (9:31 pace) with stroller (for a mile or two) and husband and our friend J
  • Sunday, July 19: 1.1 miles in 10:53 (9:54 pace) with stroller
    • For some reason things weren’t feeling right today, so I stopped early and walked home
    • + 1 min plank
  • ↳  Weekly total mileage: 21.6 miles
  • Monday, July 20: 4.0 miles in 39:31 (9:51 pace) with stroller
    • + 1 min plank
  • Tuesday, July 21: 3.2 miles in 25:48 (8:00 pace) on treadmill
    • Cut short because the treadmill was acting crazy!
  • Wednesday, July 22: off
  • Thursday, July 23:  2.1 miles in 16:45 (8:00 pace) on treadmill
    • Cut short because my daughter took a really short nap, but at least the treadmill was acting normal today
    • + 1 min plank
  • Friday, July 24: off
  • Saturday, July 25: 5.5 miles in 47:33 (8:38 pace) with stroller (after first two miles) and husband (first two miles)
  • Sunday, July 26: 3.6 miles in 36:34 (10:08 pace) with husband
  • ↳  Weekly total mileage: 18.4 miles

I think I’ve gotten into a lull with my stroller running. I’ve built up enough of a base these past two months for it to no longer be a big deal for me to head out for a stroller run. But, now that I don’t have to push myself just to get through a run, I’ve stopped really pushing myself at all. Now, I’m not ready to start any sort of crazy stroller workouts or anything, but I do want to try to make an effort to get faster.  So, my goal for this coming week is to try to keep my pace under 10:00/mile for every run.  I’m almost there, but it would be nice to make it happen… and then happen regularly.

I’m also hoping to average 4 miles a day over 6 days of running this coming week – but I’ve been saying that the past two weeks, so we’ll see how well that goes this week!  Wish me luck!

What are your running goals for the coming week?

Image Details – Trail: Ravenna Park in Seattle